Our Services

Due to our knowledge on carpets and upholstery fabrics we always do the correct tests and identifications are carried out therefore there will be very few problems as most types of upholstery's and carpets can be successfully wet cleaned.


Carpet Cleaning Services

We start by vacuuming all surfaces first ; We then do a colour run and shrinkage test. Followed by our pre spray which is made upon which type of carpet you have. After this stage agitate then we let the pre spray dwell. Followed by extraction with a ph. neutral cleaning solution . Lastly depending on what room we have cleaned we can choose a variety of deodorisers. Lastly we hand finish the carpet with a pile setter.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

We start by vacuuming all surfaces including under all cushions and deep down the sides of the sofa. Then we test for colour run and shrinkage. Following this we hand wash and agitate the pre spray into the upholstery. We then extract with a ph. neutral cleaner which helps to eliminate as many stains and any unwanted odours. Lastly we set the pile by hand and similarly to the carpet cleaning we have a range of different deodorisers to choose from.


Leather Cleaning Services

Unlike fabric upholstery ; leather has natural oils that protect and helps with the appearance of the suite. ABC use products to help retain these essential oils on your suite. We start by vacuuming all surfaces . Then we hand wash with a leather cleaner which helps to break down the soil on the leather ; followed by this we hand clean with a leather conditioner which helps to keep these oils locked in. Lastly we buff by hand which helps bring your leather suite back to a clean and fresh state.


Stain Cleaning & Protection

Depending on which sort of stain you have will determine which chemicals we use to try to eliminate the stain for example Coffee, Blood, Ink. However we also offer protection for your carpets and upholstery. It works by creating an invisible shield around the fibres therefore helps to repel them against soil and stains.